Newbie Question.

Bros so I wan to start my online forum but I don't have a lot of funds to pay a developer. Is there a way I can do this myself an not get into a jam?

I'm fairly tech savy like super basic HTML and and get around most interfaces.

I'm an clean slate right now I have not even determined hosting yet. I want to just create a forum about fitnees and stuff that I can plug into FaceBook all of the way too.
This is a support forum for XF.

We can't answer questions or provide support for other platforms and software.

I think he's asking what a common website host people use is. He's particularly looking for one that has a one-click install of XF. Is there a list of those host providers somewhere?

Okay so what is the best platform to use? wix? shopify? what is a good platform that can be plug and play?

Doing a search I found two providers that claim to offer easy xenforo hosting:

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