Lack of interest New PC permission: Edit conversation title by self


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For forum posts we have the following:
  • Edit post by self
  • Time limit on editing/deleting own posts (minutes)
  • Edit thread title by self (requires edit own post)
And for personal conversations we have:
  • Edit own messages
  • Time limit on editing own messages (minutes)
So we are missing something like "Edit conversation title by self (requires edit own message)"


Ernest L. Defoe

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Just curious why would you need to edit the title of a PC. Threads I can see but how many times would you ever change the title of a PC? Most people just keep going with the same one or just start another one.


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Thats why I'm requesting this permission.

Actually you can edit the title of every conversation started by you with no time control i.e. I can edit the title of a conversation I started in 2010. This is bad imho.