XF 1.4 "Edit conversation" ingorying PC permission "Edit own messages"?


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When viewing a conversation started by me I can see a link called "Edit conversation" which allows me to change the title and also check/uncheck "Allow anyone in the conversation to invite others" and "Lock conversation".

The problem is that I have disabled the PC permission "Edit own messages" however conversation starters are still able to click "Edit conversation" whenever they want.

Is this working as designed?



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I would expect so. Editing own messages is purely related to editing the content of your messages. Being able to change the title, whether anyone can invite others to the conversation and being able to lock the conversation are completely different functions.

Don't forget, conversations are private and therefore owned by members. Therefore having these abilities as the conversation starter is important - If you think ababout it in the context of a real conversation that someone starts with others then I'm sure you'll understand why.


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You're right, then the following permission is missing for personal conversations:

For forum posts we have the following:
  • Edit post by self
  • Time limit on editing/deleting own posts (minutes)
  • Edit thread title by self (requires edit own post)
And for personal conversations we have:
  • Edit own messages
  • Time limit on editing own messages (minutes)
So we are missing something like "Edit conversation title by self (requires edit own message)"

This would be for consistency and also I believe it's a needed permission which maybe the developers forgot to add. I don't know what do you say @Mike.

Chris D

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Suggestions can be made in the appropriate forum.

This behaviour is as designed. Conversations can only be edited by the conversation starter.