XF 2.0 New Media Embedding Options - Exif data?


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in the developer Preview #8 is this New Media Embedding Options with its oEmbed support. Does this mean that all exif data of an embedded images i.e. from Flickr or facebook or instagram is visible in the XF-forum too?

In the past, if was not visible with XF1.54. Even not with browser addons like Fxif. But the exif data are somehow stored at flickr, because when I click on the embedded image I get guided to the flickr page and there they are shown directly below the image.

Is there any kind of way to display these exif then also in the XF2 forum. Even if it would be only visible with addons of Firefox through right clicking on the image?
I explained this in the other thread.

The BB code media site system converts a URL to some sort of media hosted externally, such as a Flickr image or a YouTube video, into some sort of embeddable HTML code. That HTML code is merely whatever is documented by the provider, e.g. Flickr or YouTube.

If Flickr doesn't provide any way to view the EXIF data in their embeddable HTML (which they don't) then there's nothing we can do to show it. So at that point, you need to direct your feature request to either Flickr or the developer of the browser extensions you refer to.

The only way it would be viable is if they have an API which allows you to query for additional information but this kind of thing is way beyond the scope of what a BB code media site is, so not something I'd ever expect to see in the XF core any time soon. Even so, you'd still be at the mercy of Flickr as to whether they provide such an API or expose a method to get that information, you'd then have to take the information from the API and generate your own embeddable HTML code including all of the styling. It'd be a fully custom solution.
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