MG 2.2 Embedding or crosslinking gallery & album images


My community users have requested the ability to "share" an image across venues--galleries, albums, and posts. The meta BB code links work great of course for album/gallery images being placed and shown in posts.

What is not presently possible is the ability to take an image that is in say a gallery category and either link or embed it into a personal album, or vice versa. As we know, BB links only work on the forum side, or in the comments section of an image display page. This functionality makes sense to my users--and makes sense to me as an admin as it helps reduce image duplicates stored in S3.

I have tried a number of things with the embed function. This included adding my site as an allowed embed source with the following parameters:

Match URL{$id}

Embed Template
<!-- oEmbed - template unused -->

The way things are, embedding will not accept a URL that has /full appended to it. If one pastes the URL that appears in the browser, thumbnails will appear everywhere (sliders, indexes, filmstrips) but no full-size image appears in the display page.

What am I missing here, perhaps something else that needs added to the template conditionals?

As an addendum later on edit:

I can add the two div class conditionals instead of the previously shown embed code similar to Vimeo code, and the image displays as an iframe--along with the contents of the entire page repeated. ???
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