media embedding

  1. PapaTango

    MG 2.2 Embedding or crosslinking gallery & album images

    My community users have requested the ability to "share" an image across venues--galleries, albums, and posts. The meta BB code links work great of course for album/gallery images being placed and shown in posts. What is not presently possible is the ability to take an image that is in say a...

    MG 2.2 Add-on or solution to mirror YouTube Video (URLs) into Media category?

    I feel like I'm simply overlooking something simple here... We record a weekly video podcast, I post the video recording URL from YouTube into a dedicated forum and would like the video to automatically mirror into the designated media category. As seen in the screen shot below, I have "embeds"...
  3. ibnesayeed

    XF 1.5 Image Proxy Loads Images Partially

    In our forum some images are cached partially. Only about one third or half of the image from the top is rendered while the image reports the height properly. I think the allowed image size is not an issue. Is it possible that the proxy timed out when fetching the image for caching?
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