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ok so apparently there is a new "no buying or selling"...but add-ons and 3rd party services are exempt

I am sure as the forum grows and we get closer to gold release many more will be implemented

can we get a central place with the "forum rules" listed

or did i just miss where it already exists :/


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That could be very handy so that people can quickly reference the rules and be sure they haven't missed any.


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Afaik, buying and selling is permitted, in the designated forum, as long as it is directly related to XenForo.
At least that's what I understood.

EDIT: And I was wrong. :) Just went and re-read the guidelines myself.


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Who actually reads rules anyway ?

If people would use standard forum protocol more we would not need a rigid set of rules to follow here.


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XenForo styles, graphics, languages and add-ons both free and paid may be discussed, announced etc. in the appropriate XenForo Resources Forums. For third-party services we have the Third-Party Services forum.

This guideline is simply intended to prevent the XenForo forums becoming a general marketplace for people to buy and sell any old stuff. There are more appropriate places to do that.


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WTS, pair of old socks, holey, only worn once, have pictures of xenforo developers taped to them.

..just kidding.