Lack of interest New criteria for notices: "User has posted no more than X media items"


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Currently people on my forum aren't using the Gallery that much. I want to promote it by using the notices system, I want to display a notice to those members who have not uploaded a single media yet but I can't proceed because currently there is only the following criteria: "User has posted at least X media items". What I need is the opposite: "User has posted no more than X media items".

Actually it would also make it consistent with how XenForo deals with posts and notices:




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Good idea, although I would probably prefer a user group promotion around this. Then I can do things beyond just notices with it. And notices can still be targeted at that specific usergroup.

Chris D

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It can be done already, just involves more work.

Have a promotion that promotes users to group X when they have posted X media items.

Set up criteria that applies to all users not in group X then you are targeting users who have posted no more than X media items.