New and Had some questions


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Hello guys,

Thank you for letting me in. I had a client worked with him today and yesterday he imported his forum from vBulletin to Xenforo 2... He contacted me because he had problem with migrating Thank/Like vBulletin system which is called (Dragonbyte Thanks) to Xenforo Reaction system. After understanding both plugins structure in DB, I have done making a custom tool which I code specially for this purpose.

My client told me that many facing this problem during migrating and as I have a tool I would like whom facing this problem can contact me if they want to migrate Thank/Like system in vB to Xenforo.

The purpose of making this message is not about advertising actually, I was asking what are protocols have to follow incase I wanted to sell my product here or anywhere else. I hope you give me a hint :)

Thank you