Before purchase i had some questions.


Dear Xenforo co-members,

Unfortunatly i need to decide in a very short amount of time what forum we will use.
Atm we are using phpbb 3.0.11 and i have tried the demo version of xenForo to test things out.

Before purchase I need to be 100% sure that i can transfer my phpbb 3.0.11 posts and members.
I have been at it for a while and get this error:
"The source database connection details are not correct: Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (110)"
This error i get after validating configurations @ configure importer tools.

Im quite sure about that the details are fine after numerous of checking i still get the same issue.
Perhaps a minor tip could do the trick.

While i am still figuring out how to transfer my forum to the demo forum of xenForo it shortens time to look around with dedication to see if there is an application that is WoW friendly for xenForo.

Meaning any kind of applications that perhaps shows some simpel character, lvl and spec that you have to fill in urself or maybe an app that shows the user armory at the same time in the avatar.
Simpel yes is super if thats the case, I have been looking around a bit but couldn't find anything.

As well i have been looking around for a few hours to change the group color of admin / mod users.
Was easy to find on other forum applications but since i am a newbcake in xenForo :p a hint would be appriciated.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

regards sydney

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
If you're trying to import your forum database into the Demo, then that won't work.

But to answer your question, once you purchase, the import will definitely work and will definitely import all your posts and members. This functionality is built in. I expect that the XenForo demo server deliberately blocks outbound MySQL connections. All you need to know is the importer is tried and tested and doesn't need to be tested on a Demo server.

I am only aware of a WOW add-on which adds a recruitment block to the sidebar. That being said, anything is possible. Nothing exists right now but it could be made for you. We have a forum where you can request add-ons to be coded for you.

User group styling can be done. You can see how to in the manual here: