Some questions about a new forum...

Hello everyone.

I am going to launch a new forum and I wanted to know whether these things are possible with XenForo:

1) I'd like a group of users (GROUP X) to be able to rate the comments of another group of users (GROUP Y). Basically, only certain users can like/dislike a comment and only the comments of certain users can get liked/disliked.

2) Is it possible to allow certain users to make use of a limited amount of rating options? As in some users will only get access to options such as like/dislike, while others will also get access to more advanced rating options.

3) Are these ratings somewhat trackable? I don't want users to randomly rate other users or to give ratings in a biased manner.

4) Is it possible to reset all the ratings of a specific user? Is it possible for an admin to manually adjust the amount of likes received by a certain user?

5) Is it possible to create a custom field which is required and that once filled automatically assigns the user to a specific group? Such as, there is a question that asks you whether you are A, B, or C, and once you choose, say C, you get automatically assigned to that group of users.

6) Say that during the registration process a user answers whether he is A, B, or C and that he gets automatically assigned to his respective category. However, we don't know whether that user is actually A, B, or C. What I want to do here is that after the staff confirms whether someone is actually A, B, or C, that this user gets reassigned to a new user group, such as: Verified A, Verified B, or Verified C. In doing so I also want the user to be removed from his previous group A, B, or C. I don't know... Maybe there is a way to create a custom field where a user gets access only to certain options A, B, or C, while the staff gets access to all the options, including Verified A, Verified B, or Verified C. Or maybe there is a way to make a certain field mandatory and available only for certain users, in a way that once a user gets promoted to a new user group the field will automatically disappear and longer be available. I don't know... I am just guessing...

Well... That's pretty much it.

Thank you very much for your help.

Have a wonderful day. :)
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The first four would require custom development.

Five is possible with custom profile fields and user group promotions.

For six, only administrators can apply user groups to members, so it's possible but it would be manual.