Need a Pro to Migrate VB3 to Xenforo


I see mention of a few experts here on the forums, but I'm not able to contact them myself. So this is basically an "all call" for assistance. Please contact me.

A few details of importance...
  • We want to do a clean start with the forum structure.
  • We want to retain the existing forums as a reference archive (i.e. one or more sub-forums linked from the new forum structure).
  • We already have a cloudlet in place to which we'll be migrating everything.
  • We'll take care of maintaining the cloudlet itself, but we ideally want someone who can do ongoing Xenforo maintenance (e.g. updates) and administration.
  • We're a software house, so we're well-versed in all the technical details, but we're not experts in forums, so we're looking for that expertise in the person we hire.
You mean, @MySiteGuy's website? I wouldn't know about his site but I do know he works for everyone regardless of country.

As a general rule, this is true.

However, Paypal has to support payments from their country, plus cannot be a high online fraud country such as Indonesia and Venezuela where fraud rates exceed 30%!

Yes, our main server does block some IP addresses:
  • Tor exit nodes
  • IPs with a high score in
  • Countries where real human traffic to my server is very rare, and most traffic is spammers, high fraud, and crawlers: Bangladesh, Cuba, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, North Korea, Lebanon, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Singapore, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela, and Vietnam.

(Our hosting servers have no country blocking, our customers should decide what traffic they do not want.)
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