Need a good and EASY to use FTP program

Can anyone please recommend a good and EASY to use FTP program? I use to use FileZiller, but it is now loaded with add ware - The latest reviews are very bad due to this.


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^ That.

I swear by it and use it for all the official installs I do.

Whatever you do, don't use Filezilla.
If one FTP application has been responsible for 95% of FTP related tickets/problems, it's that.

Chris D

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I was still using FileZilla until very recently without issue. However, I've also switched to WinSCP for the same reasons: adware. That's a very recent change, and I'm highly disappointed that it's gone down that route.

Jake B.

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Another awesome feature of WinSCP is, of course, SCP, which is part of the SSH suite so it encrypts everything that is transfered (including username/password). Also means you don't have to install extra unnecessary services since it essentially uses SSH :)

Chris D

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I use FileZilla. Can someone explain me this "adware" talk? I am not aware of something like that.
When you download it now from the recommended source, Source Forge, it downloads the Source Forge Installer which attempts to install a load of adware.

I would hope that existing users upgrading from within the app are safe, but I'm not 100% sure.

There's also other sources to download from on their website, but honestly that kind of practice didn't give me enough faith to find out. Went straight to WinSCP and that's all I use now.


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Any recommendations for MacOS X?
I'm using Cyberduck but it's so slow.
I'm looking at Yummy FTP now, but not sure If I can use the license on all my Mac's
Wow! Thanks for all the great 411. I downloaded, installed and set up WinSCP in five minuets and logged on to my server and installed a new addon that I got from @AndyB . FileZilla (n) Yek! Thanks everyone for turning me on to WinSCP it's great. (y)