My website value increased 10 fold!!


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I had been monitoring my site under the vB framework every month or so and checking the website value and statistics using marcosweb and I had been with vB for 6 years and never saw it go much over $1000.00.

I installed Xenforo two weeks ago and just checked my site statistics at both and boy was I in for a shock!!

Site worth before installing Xenforo: $1017.00
Site worth 2 weeks after installing Xenforo: $27,036
Site worth before installing Xenforo: $307.00
Site worth 2 weeks after installing Xenforo: $45,742
Also, Google crawl stats indicate the average page load speed went from 6.0 seconds to 2.3 seconds since installing Xenforo.
I'm not even using vBSEO anymore.

What made it so much faster? What the heck happened to cause it to jump up in value so much? Can somebody please explain this to me?


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The page load speed decrease is not surprising. XenForo loads quickly, much more quickly than any other forum software I've used, and probably because it's not bloated down.

As for the rest, I have no idea.


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Those things are useless but I would imagine something about page speed would factor into whatever weird algorithm they use.


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My site's priceless! :D is worth $. This makes the most valuable site on scored for Page Rank, for Backlinks, and for Traffic Volume.
Also, scored for Social Bookmarking,for Directory Inclusion, and for Domain Value. Overall, has performed on our site valuation analysis.


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Pretty funny stuff.
My site came is as worth about 1/15 of what I have been offered for it........
Those dudes who wrote those valuation scripts are laughing all the way to the bank (well, actually, the money for their google ads is being directly wired into their accounts, so they don't have to leave their moms basement).


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FYI, I recently installed a faster server and brought page load speed down to about 1/2.......about the same, from 5 seconds to 2.5 or so.......
My estimation of the increase in value......which I define as perhaps the extra number of users who might stay on the site as opposed to leaving due to the extra couple seconds, is about 10-15%.

No doubt, though, speaking to the original post...that a vastly faster site and forum is a good thing and will bring you some return on either money or fame (whichever your site desires).


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One can only imagine the sloppy programming in these things!
I wonder if they even try.
For instance, my valuation came in at about 1/4 of the yearly revenue!
It is pretty well known that content sites are worth somewhere from 2X to 6X the yearly ad revenue (mostly profit, in the case of smaller sites).
I can't see how they could determine the difference between one site talking about "mutts" and "mongrels" (dogs worth less money) and "purebreeds" (dogs, and perhaps ads, worth much more)....or between a site talking about a video game as opposed to talking about which brand of car to buy - vast differences, of course.
It does not even seem as they rate traffic, because we see up to 100,000 honest page views a day.....

But, heck, as long as they can make us laugh and use them even for fun...they win!


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These valuation websites actually use a bulletproof system, servers full of coding and the very best staff, trained to help you get the very best, most realistic price for your website.

Here's a secret photo from one of their recent staff training days.....



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Heh.. i site I sold 5 years ago for $25k (and has only gotten larger) is now worth $68.00 according to that site.. whew.. I guess I sold it just in time ;)