My finger is on the Buy Button!

I'm having too much fun with XF - just moved 2200 questions and answers to a read-only forum, moved all my reviews there to a custom page, etc......

I'm going for the long run......;)
(that being at least 5 years in this business!)
Hey folks! Thanks for all of your supportive messages. I got it installed with no problems, but ran into a few issues when doing the PHPBB import. I've solved it and was able to import everything successfully - now it's configuration time!

(For those who are interested): The PHPBB database was old... MySQL4 and was on a different server than the new XenForo database. I wound up importing the old database into an empty MySQL5 database on the same server as my new XenForo one, and then the import went smoothly. Also, the file paths to avatars and files required the complete path.

Thanks again to everyone for answering my presale questions. I look forward to getting to know you folks!

Awesome to see you bought XenForo. Hope you enjoy it as much as everyone else does. :)

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