My Cat Chat


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I love your favicon! Nice and high res on a retina screen.

I guess I know where I can hang out if I ever end up as a 21st century crazy cat lady :LOL:
You got a great site here. Not much information to offer. I can tell by looking around you are not new at this. The logo and icons are wonderful and fun. They blend in with your overall site great. I had a peek at your staff members and you seem to have the world covered. :) your forums are interesting and also fun to browse. I don't know what style you are using but it works and works well. The colors are perfect. I will be back, its a fun site to be a member of.


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Thanks for the great feedback and yes we do need more content. Hopully the content will increase as we grow. We have only been up a short while so that area is been given top priority right now.