My add-on needs a new name

heh heh... no worries... you should add as much features as you can for the sake of your subscribers ;)
Ok. I'll leave things as they are.

But the products are still quite different so I can see people wanting both add-ons :)

I think I've chosen my winner... it's not Socialise or Socialize - don't worry ;)
Why not just Schmoozer or ShareIt? Seriously, if they are going to be separate you could as well call them TweetForo and FaceForo.
Or if the only social sites you are using are Google, Twitter and Facebook...

Trinity Social
  • xFT Twitter
  • xFT FBook
  • xFT GPlus
XF Trivium
My imagination is crap.
Your imagination for naming add-ons can't be worse than mine. lol

My imagination is crap.

This is why my internet handle is basically my name... why my avatar is basically a popular computer game character... I suck.

LMAO = too funny.
How about ==>
  1. Sociable. [Share to Twitter & Facebook short-and-sweetly]
  2. SocializeIT. [Social-share it on Facebook & Twitter]
  3. XenSocial. [Xen-socializing made easy as pie]
  4. XenSational. [Sensational share add-on for Xenforo]

How about Xenforo Social Connect!

You could play with the prefix, so say if you have a brand name of your own you could replace Xenforo with that. However it's best to have Xenforo as the starting word because people who are using xenforo are googling with the keyword xenforo in their search.

P.S. You could call it, Deemon Social Connect, and start a company called Deemons! which is Deeming Addons for Xenforo! :ROFLMAO:
sadikb - you win!

PM me with your e-mail address. I am about to release Social Connect (slight variation on your suggestion - no prefix) I think it's a great name.

I will send you a copy!
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