Multi-Language XF-Forum install ?


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I am planning to run a XF-website with having 2 languages (english and german).

I saw e.g. at VB that they have a switch to change from one language to the other.
But I actually do not want just a switch in order to change the wording from the forum, but actually having 2 different interfaces:
- so one interface having the forum and all of its content (forum-discussion) in english only.
- the second interface would be to have everything (forum and content) to be in german-language only.

So basically having one Forum run completely in english and another one completely in german-language on one domain-name.
Would I need to have 2 XF installs on my domain in order to achieve this ?

But I actually want to have a Single-Sign-on, so that a user could switch from english to german-language interface without having to register or Login twice.

Is this possible with XenForo software and how would this need to be set-up ?

So at the "Home page", the user would select either "english" or "german" and go to the respective interface from there. Also having a language-switch at the forum itself to switch from one language to the other. So literally having two different forums in terms of user-content (post-content and reply-content), but one user-base.

Many thanks !


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A simple fix for vBulletin is to modify the language selector to redirect you to a subforum. Does xF need to be more segregated than that?


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A simple fix for vBulletin is to modify the language selector to redirect you to a subforum. Does xF need to be more segregated than that?
Do you have a link to a forum set up that way?

(I'm struggling for a solution for my own forum)


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By hardcoding, you make it so anywhere on the forum that you pull down the style menu and choose a language you are taken to an appropriate forum.

The JavaScript menu is optional. This is just as doable with little flag icons for each country.

Now actually hiding and showing forums based on language...that's a EULA question...


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I guess the best would be to have 2 XF-installs.
Not sure whether it is possible to combine the user-database into just one, so that there will be a Single-Sign-on ?


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I think you only need 2 XF installs if you must keep the two forums physically separated, or running on a separate domain or subdomain.

Otherwise, just providing a button/links to switch is enough.


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so you mean just making Forum-categories for "english" and "german" ?
not sure how to implement this, so when somebody clicks on a german-forum so that also the language is getting changed.....

will see, hopefully Mike + Kier have a solution to make Multi-Language easy to implement .....


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your link to the URL is not working..... is this a bug or wrong copy/paste ?
Could be a bug related to links in quotes. Although the link seems fine, it links to ([...]/community/thread/[...] is missing). Check the link in the quote below.

A central registration system has been suggested before:

I totally support this suggestion.


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I've installed a small plugin for vB to detect the browser's language (englisch, german, italian language) and what I've heard from my users - it works.


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To OP, this would need complicated programming, so forum categories of each language didn't appear on the other and so on. I don't see this happening.

Now, an option on the control panel to install different languages without having to import XML files, that would be very welcome.


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More info? After it detects the language then what happens?
Link to mod?
Then it changes the language of the forum. If I have an italian user it changes to italian language pack, if there's an turkish user nothing will happen because I haven't a turkish language pack.

The add-on can be found on I'll see if I can provide you the link.