Multi-Language - xenForo and Wordpress based - Website


A little bit more then a year ago - on May 13, 2016 - I asked about the current "best practices" for international forums. Unfortunately with little to no solutions. The Xenforo licence I bought back then run out without even starting a forum for my page because of me failing to find a solution.

My site grows and grows and I really want to realize a forum to form and build an even stronger Community. So here I have to ask again for you opinions. Maybe this time it will be more successful...

Here is what my current setup looks like:

Linux - NGINX - MariaDB - PHP7 Server with varnish cache
Wordpress Multisite Installation with subdictionary
everything httpS with HTTP/2

Domain Structure: (here you get redirected based on browser language only) (english content) (german content)

For the forums I would love to have: (english speaking forum) (german speaking forum)

What do I want to have:
  • Single LogIn for Wordpress Comments (via forum, avatar from there, wordpress own comment system?) and both forums
  • Search only in one language via forum
  • tbd

What I found out so far:

Do you have further Ideas? Experience with this? Anything that will help me?

Everything you can add is highly appreciated!


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Have have bought multisite for this purpose and after testing it for a long time I decided not to use it.
Multisite is a great addon. But like with any addon Multisite can break with updates of XF, server updates or compatibility with your specific addons. It can take a months before such problem is fixed which means your site may be down during that time.

Another approach is Nobita groups which has language groups. But this is an addon that always has new bugs coming in and old ones getting fixed.
This is the approach I am taking.

Its not optimal but the only alternative is to have multiple XenForo installs and bridge those.

In regards to search: If you are using XF Enhanced Search then consider that while Elastic Search has various functions for multilingual sites, XFES does not support things like multiple stemming analysers. Hence, your German users will get Chinese search suggestions if that is the main xenforo language.

Long story short: it requires custom development to create a working multilingual xenforo website.