1. Alpha1

    Language Selector Flag Icons at the top of the page.

    Currently if a user wants to select a language they have to go to the left bottom, find the language selector there to change language. its pretty standard behaviour around the internet to have a flags drop down at the right top of the page. Thats where users look for it. I suggest the same...
  2. Edward Black

    Multi-Language - xenForo and Wordpress based - Website

    Hello, A little bit more then a year ago - on May 13, 2016 - I asked about the current "best practices" for international forums. Unfortunately with little to no solutions. The Xenforo licence I bought back then run out without even starting a forum for my page because of me failing to find a...
  3. Edward Black

    Multi-Language forums...?

    Hello! This is what I need - is this possible with XenForo? --> If you arrive here as a guest, if your browser says de-de you get to see German forums (with German language pack), everybody else sees the English ones (with English language pack) Also, in the top navigation...