1. au lait

    MultiLanguage Tool (STMLT2) 1.0.1

    If you like this add-on, rate it. This helps others to make decisions. If you have any ideas or suggestions don't hesitate and write to me. DEMO This addon use browser language settings when setup visitor. Ability to move the language chooser to the sticky navigation bar. Ability to choose...
  2. Alfa1

    Language Selector Flag Icons at the top of the page.

    Currently if a user wants to select a language they have to go to the left bottom, find the language selector there to change language. its pretty standard behaviour around the internet to have a flags drop down at the right top of the page. Thats where users look for it. I suggest the same...
  3. Edward Black

    Multi-Language - xenForo and Wordpress based - Website

    Hello, A little bit more then a year ago - on May 13, 2016 - I asked about the current "best practices" for international forums. Unfortunately with little to no solutions. The Xenforo licence I bought back then run out without even starting a forum for my page because of me failing to find a...
  4. Edward Black

    Multi-Language forums...?

    Hello! This is what I need - is this possible with XenForo? --> If you arrive here as a guest, if your browser says de-de you get to see German forums (with German language pack), everybody else sees the English ones (with English language pack) Also, in the top navigation...