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Moving from mybb 1.6.11 to Xenforo, is possible?

Dear friends, I am interested in buy a Xenforo licence, but my problem is that I have a forum mybb 1.6.11
I can export all data of my forum to a new xenforo forum with no problems? I can export all users, passwords, avatars, attachments, etc. to a Xenforo forum?

Just a heads up, if you plan to move to another system (XF in this case) stick with 1.6 until you do so. 1.8 is very new so might not be supported by official migration tools.
I buy the license now :)
I have set the license to mysite.com
I need to install Xenforo in mysite.com/? I have my current mybb forum in mysite.com (main directory)