Movie Buffs


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Just launched recently for all those who love a good Movie and TV Show - add your favourites, comment on entries and more.

Made with:
  • Xenforo 2.1.10
  • Snog's Movie App
  • Snog's TV Show App
  • XenPorta App
  • PixelExit's Flat Awesome + Theme
Along with loads of CSS and template changes to get the look and feel I was after.



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Always look forward to seeing your sites, more often than not they are beautifully crafted and unique
Very kind of you to say so - I do try to adapt and make changes that are different to the 'out of the box' experience; thankfully most of that can be achieved using CSS, but sometimes I have to get my hands dirty and make some template adjustments (much of that is down to trial and error lol) :)


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You would surprised how many sites are blocked for no real reason.
I checked this out and it appears that sites that contain video content, no matter how innocuous, get side-lined by countries such as India because they assume that they contravene copyrights. It's a blanketed approached rather than one that is layered, but each to their own and they make and stand by their decisions for their own reasons. Hopefully, you managed to get around this using a VPN ;)


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@twoface Interesting. I would love to know more about this as well. Maybe XenForo didn't have a particular add-on or feature for his niche?

Looks like his decision was good enough, Just saw his new site, looks pretty good. Sadly those kind of features or design is not available on xenforo yet.


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Tried checking site but it seems like it's using IPB now, I wonder what went wrong with XF?
I wanted an easy means of adding content for users and a new app appeared on IPS that fit the bill. No disrespect to XF or the developers of similar apps, just that the IPS was way easier to use. I have to think of my users first and foremost and how easy it is for them to add content.

I'm currently putting together a new project using XF, just renewed my license for another year so I still feel there is a lot of value in Xenforo, just that some platforms are more suited to some projects and other platforms for other projects :)