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Brand new movie site:

Previously on IPS but decided to come back to Xenforo - had to start from scratch as importing was impossible due to incompatible addons, but managed to complete everything in 4 days, including adding over 1000 movies.

Using XF 2.2.10 Patch 1
Snogs/Ozzy's Movie Addon
Ozzy's Save Thread Filters Addon
Theme from
That's everything I'm using just now - the site is still very much a work in progress and will grow and expand with more content over the coming months as I have some ideas for franchises and possibly fan clubs for various other aspects of movies. I will also add a TV Show section once I have completed the movie sections.

The site is open if anyone is interested in taking a look, registering and adding some movies that you have watched and enjoyed to share with others.

A few screenshots:

The front page is just a XF Page with custom HTML and external CSS.


Category page with movies listed:


Lots of custom CSS changes made to get the look and feel that I was after and I am pleased so far with the end results - but there may be some additional changes that need to be addressed when they come to light. My extra.less file is quite large lol, but it got me to where I wanted to be.

Feel free to comment and let me know if there are any bugs or anomalies that I may have missed - sometimes I can't see the wood for the trees but then I am aging somewhat at 68 years young lol.
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I've just added the TV Shows back into the mix (added 490 today with more to come). They are categorised the same as the Movies, so it should be easy to find what you may be looking for. I wanted to push the latest additions to the front page, so I edited the new threads widget and added a load of custom CSS to get the look. Adding the TV Shows back in I wanted to show the latest additions for those as well, but the new threads widget was already being used, so with a little bit hokery pokery I re-jigged the new posts widget to show new threads instead; I wasn't sure it was going to work, but it did. This is what they look like on the front page:


And what a category looks like.


I also added the TV Show categories to the front page, which is just a Page Node with HTML and some external CSS. The images on the front page are all webp images. I've enjoyed tinkering and all seems to be working as intended :)

Check it out here:

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The site has had a refresh using the latest Movie and TV Show betas from @Ozzy47

I've also asked for an additional addon to display top twenty lists - this has been coded by @Painbaker for me and a fantastic job has been done with it. I've not implemented it yet as I have been otherwise preoccupied, but when it gets added to the site registered people will be able to vote Movies and TV Shows up and down the top twenty.

The refreshed Movie and TV Show addons are fantastic and give the site a more immersive feel with cast and crew tabs as well as an additional videos tab. Fantastic work on all these updates and a huge amount of thanks to all involved in bringing them to the table.

A sample screenshot of the fresh look is below:

New feature added - top 20 voting lists. This is a commissioned add-on to display Movies and TV Shows in a top 20 list that registered users can vote on to move their favourites nearer the top. Anyone can view, but only registered members can vote and suggest new titles to be added.



This was engineered by @Painbaker and @Ozzy47 and is aimed at encourging engagement. Hope to see you around and voting for your favourites.

Restyled the voting buttons:


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Are the top 20 voting related to the Thumbs Up icon or are they separate ideas?

Also, how did you get the star rating, replies, and views to show under the movie icon?

Site looks great!
Are the top 20 voting related to the Thumbs Up icon or are they separate ideas?
They are related. Registered users get one up vote per item and one down vote per item. They can also change their vote by clicking what they initially vote for and then reapply as required. When I first installed the add-on the up down votes were (as in the image) up/down arrows. The addon allows for the use of font awesome icons and little bit of CSS changes the size and colors.

Also, how did you get the star rating, replies, and views to show under the movie icon?
I had to do some template changes and add some code from other templates to get that effect in the listing. CSS changes the icon and colors. Took a little bit of trial and error and a lot of removing code errors flagged up in the ACP lol. It was fun for the most part, frustrating at times, but it was worth the effort. I like getting my hands dirty and I learn along the way.

Thanks for taking the time to comment and for liking my efforts.
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