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Moved to new server and now a bunch of errors


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I moved to a new host and it seems it is not configured to like Xenforo. I'm running 4 forums off a VPS with 1GB of RAM but I'm not seeing the resources move more than 60-70% full so I'm confused as to why I keep receiving the error:

Edit: I had APC running but I had it running as well on the old server.

Clicking usernames brings up the following msg:

Any ideas of what is going on? I can't even check server logs as I get the following on admin login:


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hmm the errors came back tonight and after a few refreshes they went away but then came back.
For domain.com/admin.php:

And When selecting a username:

On Alerts page:

What might be causing this to appear every so often? Is it APC cache or something else?

Here is a server error log:

For reference, here are the current APC settings:


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So your server has 2Gb of RAM, and is using 560mb. I'd increase the amount of memory again which PHP can use. I have it set to 256mb on my VPS.
Is there a way to see how much of the allocated memory APC is using?


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I upped php mem limit to 256mb and im still getting the same errors such as "Javascript console error...." And they tend to go away after a refresh and then come back later.