XF 1.3 Moved to new server. Index shows blank page


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I'm moving an active XF forum from a dedicated machine to a Digital Ocean droplet.
I compressed all public files, scp-ed the archive, moved it to the new machine where I decompressed it.
I did a mysqldump of the DB and scp-ed the SQL file and restored on the new VPS.
Then I changed the parameters in /library/config.php
When I go to the site index it loads a blank page. The ACP seems to work fine. I've gone to mydomain.com/install/ and rebuilt master data. Still get the same blank page. Cursory viewing of log files reveals nothing. What have I overlooked?
Thanks in advance for your help!

Tracy Perry

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As an aside, another problem that can sometimes happen when moving to a new server is there be a blank index.html present in the root directory. Unless specifically told otherwise, most HTTP servers will serve the index.html before index.php. This behavior can be changed in the HTTP server (it depends on the HTTP server as to how) to give the .php priority.