XF 2.2 More than 30 MySQL connections open at the same time


My host says That i did not close the MySQL connections properly while I'm not even aware that I seem to have more that 30 MySQL open connections at the same time. But when I do I see messages like in the attachments of another member. On a computer as well, on Mac, on iPad, with all kind of browsers, it just happen. While opening the website, switching pages, opening a photo, sending comments, it just happens. Refreshing the page will help. One time or maybe five times.
It's very frustrating.

My host recommended I should transfer from shared hosting to VPS which I can not afford.

Who is familiar with there database and server errors and who has the solution?


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I know you told me that but I haven't found one yet (limitation -25) and I hope there is someone out here who has discovered another solution, even if it is for the time being.


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xenforo is going to struggle on a low end shared hosting package. if your budget does not permit switching to a vps (i personally run my xenforo install on a USD 6 droplet on Digital Ocean and it works great), one thing worth trying if you aren't already using them is to have a generous guest caching. that would at least take away some load away from the mysql server for visitors who are not logged in.
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Mr. Jinx

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For a normal forum, 30 open SQL connections shouldn't happen too often. So there might be some other problem or misconfiguration.
If I look at this forum, a VPS would really be overkill.

Mr. Jinx

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I think you are with Vimexx right? They support Redis caching, so you might want to use that.
You should be able to find the Redis settings in your control panel, and then modify your XF config file.

Once you got that working, we can look at enabling some free add-on's from Xon to even more improve the caching.


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I think a VPS is likely overkill for 90% or more of Xenforo forums. Most economy VPS accounts are still technically "shared", via a bunch of virtual machines on a real machine or cloud setup. You do have control (and responsibility) for a VPS, though.
I'm running two Xenforos on the same shared server, and have never had any trouble at all, even when there are in excess of 100 users online. There are hundreds or thousands of other accounts on this beefy shared server. One of my Xenforo installs has over 1.1 million posts and a few hundred shy of 10,000 members.

A vps is good if you want to use the enhanced search optional module, for sure. That's my only regret.

All of this is just my personal opinion.
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It can't be modified on a shared server :(
Hmm, are you sure? They say Redis can be activated for webhosting.
Do you have access to a directadmin control panel with your plan?
If so, try the first three steps of this tutorial:

If you've got that, I'm pretty sure you should be able to modify the right Xenforo config file.


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Personally I use @MattW.

Shared hosting but he supports Enhanced Search, which is extremely rare for shared hosting, and in the few years I've been with him, not a single issue.