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Would second the above. Is there a way to add these services to the default ones?
You need to like the first post, simply adding a second, +1 etc does not help at all. Suggestions are gauged by first post likes.


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Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp and Reddit are the "in" social media sites. The definition is a bit lose given snapchat/whatsapp are more messenger services but Facebook is in decline. I complained in another thread about XF's social media strategy but it does seriously need looking at.


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Have been doing a little research. Most people I have spoken to say that Instagram is more popular with their circle of friends than Facebook. They are somewhat younger than me and say that Instagram is used more by younger people and Facebook for an older generation. Which is interesting.
Exactly why I'd like to see this. My site is about a local amusement park. I wear a t-shirt with our URL each visit to the park. Thousands of young people see my advertising each time. I have heard so many times by many that they don't join "because it's just one more site to log into/remember." I think having an Instagram log in feature would null that excuse.


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However popular Instagram and others might be, I'm not sure it's accurate to claim that Facebook is "in decline," and certainly not any kind of permanent decline. Despite dropping a million users at the beginning of the year, it's gained them all back and more. It added 48 million this past quarter, from what I found by searching online.

"Facebook now has 1.45 billion daily active users worldwide and 2.2 billion monthly users, both of which are up 13% year over year. " -
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Google + is dead now. Google will pull the plug on it next year. So it no longer makes sense to have that option in XF.

These sharing options would be useful:
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Telegram
  • Skype
  • Signal
  • Wechat
I would love to see Instagram, Snapchat and Discord, but I don't think its technically possible. InstaGram and Snapchat only have follow. Discord sharing is only possible if you know the channel.
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+1 for Whatsapp

If forum owners claim forum is for in depth meaningful discussion and not chit chat then certainly the posts or comment must have some values that is worth sharing to our social media network.

Finding the permlink from the top and sharing is not intuitive. Need the FB and other social media UX intergrated



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For what it's worth, Instagram and Snapchat aren't really the right platforms for this, imo. Instagram, for example, does not have a text-only post mode; it's solely an image-based platform, which makes it really hard to share something like a forum post.

Instagram DMs would work, but I don't believe they have any sort of API for that yet.
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