1. OperaManiac

    Support for Telegram ID and Share to Telegram

    I understand Telegram is not as popular as WhatsApp but it still has millions of users globally. Here is the sharing code for Telegram: Share To Telegram Telegram also recently launched a login mechanism. They call it Telegram ID. Just putting my vote...
  2. Dadparvar

    More Sharing Services

    Please add these services to core's sharing options: Telegram Linkedin Instagram Facebook Messenger
  3. Dadparvar

    Add-on Telegram for Xenforo

    Hi, Is there any way (add-on) so that we connect xenforo to telegram? For wordpress, there is one that does it (for free). But I couldn't find anything for xenforo. Something that can do these would be awesome: post new threads to group or channel (be able to choose included forums) post new...