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Add-on Telegram for Xenforo


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Is there any way (add-on) so that we connect xenforo to telegram?

For wordpress, there is one that does it (for free). But I couldn't find anything for xenforo.

Something that can do these would be awesome:
  • post new threads to group or channel (be able to choose included forums)
  • post new resources to group or channel (be able to choose included categories)
  • post new media to group or channel (be able to choose included categories or albums)
  • users be able to set if they get their notification in their telegram (they give user and pass and their number. and all notifications will be send via the bot to their telegram)
  • be able to send message to users's telegram (like what we can do in send email to users page) (the mobile number of users will be found from a custom user field)
What do you think about this?

This would be great. But since instant chat is threatening the existence of Webforums, i think it may take a while for this integration.

In the meantime, i use IFTTT, IT works fine, but not to the specific details as you have enumerated above.