XF 1.4 More Moderator & Administrator Tools


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Can moderators ban a user from posting to a node?
Removing Likes is an administrator tool.
Would be great if moderators - or, at the very least - Super Moderators - were able to use these tools (along with the same banning permissions as an admin has, hint! hint!).

Otherwise, it just forces more work on the admin's shoulders when there are trusted staff who would be happy to do so.

But, otherwise, great features - and especially good whenever xenforo does something that appears unique. :)


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If a user is thread/reply banned, are they also unable to give likes? Would seem that by applying a thread/reply ban, you want them to be unable to interact with the thread and thus likes for that thread should also banned


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XenForo 1.4 continues to add tools and enhancements to help your moderators and administrators to manage your users and their content.

Today, we're looking at inline moderation enhancements, 'author alerts', the 'Like' removal tool and the reply ban system.

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Awesome, Kier you're brilliant. I'm sure you and Mike will keep the outstanding work. Great stuff !