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Lack of interest More control on Title capitalization


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Now, if I select First Word Cap in the other words are forced in lowecase.


If the user input: this is My First Thread
the function return: This is my first thread

The correct form should be: This is My First Thread


XenForo developer
Staff member
That's just the title case option (This Is My First Thread). What you selected is sentence case.


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Is it possible to add the combination of two like in my example? (The correct form should be: This is My First Thread)


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The words to leave lowercase are simply the words that *are* lowercase, and the same for uppercase words (a part the first letter that must always uppercase).
I try to explain.

Original title: i love the Lake Victoria
With uppercase function: I love the lake victoria
With future (I hope) and correct function: I love the Lake Victoria


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Other example:

Title written by one user: the ONU and the USA
With forum function: The onu and the usa
Correct form: The ONU and the USA


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Any part of the sentence. You can put in capitalization anywhere you want...

What option should I opt to make this work?

In my forum, 1.1.1, If I choose Title Case I get this:

Original Title: My thread Title is in Here
Result: My Thread Title Is In Here

With the Sentence case I get this:

Original Title: My thread Title is in Here
Result: My thread title is in here

How does this work for this case?


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All of my sites are 1.1.1, and the option is...

View attachment 23722

My members can capitalize any part of the thread, in many instances.
Yes, I know. Same here! :D

What giorgino is asking, is that the thread title be adjusted *automatically* only in the *first* letter of the title. As you can see in my post above, this is not present in XenForo.

Anyway, you can download the add-on to test if you want.