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I don't even know if this is possible, but I love the Title capitalization option that XenForo has. It makes titles look astronomically better in Google Search results.

But would it be possible for consecutive capitalized letters (in the original submission of the post) to be left capital? The current tool actually *de-capitalizes* letters as a biproduct of its other function, to capitalize the first letter of every word.

So a title entered like this: Where can I buy a Boogie Board in the USA?
Gets changed to this: Where Can I Buy A Boogie Board In The Usa?

USA > Usa

Also wonder if individual words like "a" can be assumed to be lower case all the time.
Maybe even "of" and "the".
Hmmmmmmm I think I just expanded this request 10-fold :-D

So that would mean adding a text field in the admin allowing for "exceptions" to the capitalization rule. Might work for "USA" also. I would just enter "a" and "the" and "USA" into that exceptions field. The result would be:

Original: Where can i buy a boogie board in the USA?
Final: Where Can I Buy a Boogie Board In the USA?

Sorry, a little OCD here :)

I think the USA > Usa thing is probably worth fixing, even if the rest isn't.
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What a great addon!!

Unfortunately I do not trust myself to be writing code at all. Especially variables, if/thens, or to think of all the possibilities.

It looks like this AddOn is 100% code-based, and requires creating rules with code as well.

Have you thought of any scenarios that could be handled by a front-end admin interface?

I think the above example would work great (again):
Capitalize all words checkbox. Then a text field where certain words can be excepted from the capitalization rule. Would handle a lot of options in one step there. Both allowing some to remain lowercase, and some to remain all uppercase. Probably many other options could be handled by an admin front-end page interface too?


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I've found that not a lot of forum webmasters spend too much time obsessing on SEO. I believe this tool is primarily for SEO purposes, and it requires awareness of human psychology and behaviors to grasp how incredibly powerful this feature is.

In other words, since a lot of people don't use the feature, this is probably why not a lot are complaining. However its a completely kick-ass feature and I'm all for perfecting things that are already incredibly awesome.

PS: everyone who runs a site should use this feature. As well as the addon I had my guy create that requires a minimum number of characters for title tags (not maximum. minimum). I asked him to publish it but he doesn't have confidence in his XF skills. You can see how insanely important minimum # of characters is by looking at the majority of my forum search results in Google :( . Its working like a charm however, and in 6 months I expect to see significantly increased rankings and traffic as a result of this, and the aforementioned feature. Thank you XF developers!