Lack of interest More Control on User Blurb Items for Member Card and View

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Currently, if you want something like this on the member card, for example:

Member Card.webp

You can't just remove or move individual items. As the items (Gender, Age, and Location) are all part of the user blurb, you have to comment out or remove the user blurb entirely and then add something like this wherever you want the items to appear. And even then, you have to do some extra work because, for example, they'll display as all lowercase (gender instead of Gender) for some reason even if we type them in with the first letter capitalized or use the existing phrases.

        <span class="col">
            <xen:if is="{$user.gender}">
                <dt>Gender:</dt> <dd><span style="text-transform: capitalize;">{$user.gender}</span></dd>
            <xen:if is="{$user.age}">
                <dt>Age:</dt> <dd>{$user.age}</dd>
            <xen:if is="{$user.location}">
                <dt>Location:</dt> <dd><a target="_blank" href="misc/location-info?location={$user.location}">{$user.location}</a></dd>

I don't mind doing work, obviously, but it would be so much more simple and incredibly useful if there were options appropriately under the Member Profile Page and Member Card style property categories to control the display of these on the member card and view. Either that or just have individual pieces of code for the three items in the respective member_card and member_view templates (and whatever other templates they may appear in) rather than one user blurb encompassing all three items. Either way will accomplish the same thing and allow us more flexibility.
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Not only that, but if XenForo has settings for this, then addon developers would follow that example and also add settings for the data that their addons insert.
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