1. zoldos

    adding gender in search results?

    A member on my forum was wondering if there is an add-on that will include gender when doing a search. Is this possible? Thanks!
  2. XDinc

    Unmaintained [XTR] Gender Manager ♂/♀ 1.0.5

    Gender management system allows you to integrate welcome message and access permission per nodes by gender. Gender management will make users feel more special. Male or Female users, can freely share their content in allowed nodes. As you know, welcome conversation on registration option is...
  3. Azaly

    Not planned Display gender in UserBlurb tag

    In Xenforo 1.x in UserBlurb gender was shown as well as role, age and location. In Xenforo 2.0 gender was excluded from UserBlurb, and could be shown oly as suctom field. After upgrading my users are confused, because in many languages grammatical gender is basic structure of language, and...
  4. LanceBase

    Not planned Phrase Adjustment

    The default word "Gender", changed to "Identity". Possibly adding a default 3rd option "Other", as well. Easily editable, but possibly offensive out of the gate.
  5. Amaury

    Lack of interest More Control on User Blurb Items for Member Card and View

    Currently, if you want something like this on the member card, for example: You can't just remove or move individual items. As the items (Gender, Age, and Location) are all part of the user blurb, you have to comment out or remove the user blurb entirely and then add something like this...
  6. sunnydaze

    XF 1.5 Where oh where is userBlurb that can be modified?

    Looked everywhere, searched ... found piles and piles of cool tips and info on user profile & member card ... can't find where the elements of userBlurb are assembled. There is no template named userBlurb showing how name, title, gender are put into one thing that is userBlurb.. Reviewed the...
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