Average rating for user/developer - member card and resource listing


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It would be very useful and beneficial to have a roll-up/average rating displayed for a user/developer whom has active Resources.
The data is already available, just need to calculate the score and present it.
  • When the member card is displayed, a tooltip on the Resources quantity/hyperlink could give the average rating across all their resources
  • A Resources page could be created to show the Top Users/Developers (similiar to Members most likes)
  • Resource listings sidebar could also show a star rating representing the user/developers average rating
  • A Resources filter for user rating can be added


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The idea is good when everyone is using it right, that might be the problem here.
People tend to expect instant support from free resources, and when the developer doesn't respond immediately he will get one star.
So maybe it's better to just rate the resource. I know, It would be good if we could have a rating for reliability and skills. But how do you check if people rate in an honest way?


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The rating system is meaningless because there is no difference between rating support, price, code quality, features, update frequency. This greatly distorts the meaning of ratings and often both the rater as the reader don't know what is actually reviewed.

None the less, I do think its a good idea to expose the data to give some hint. But I do think the above needs to be addressed for it to become of real use.