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Moderator Log


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Hopefully I havent missed this request already and am duplicating.

We would love an add on for a moderator log. That would do the following.

Allow you to choose a specific moderator to view moderating history ( you can enter a start and end by date to narrow down to a specific time.)

The log would show you username, date, action performed, Info(thread, forum,post) and ip address the moderator performed the task from.

For larger boards with a lot of moderators that are volunteers it is very important for many reasons.

*Most importantly so we can see if our mods are actually active in moderating our boards.

*If there is ever a problem which a moderator was dealing with a specific post/issue it allows us to know which moderator was involved


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Definitely agree with this, some one in my moderator group has started editing people's posts for no reason, and I have no way to figure out who it is :(