As designed Moderator log doesn't log actions of admins which are not in the moderators list


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Well it sounds like the title answers itself, but just to be sure.
The moderator log wasn't working for me in a forum, and it took me a while to find out why. Eventually I've found in the code that if user is an admin, but isn't added to the moderators list, the moderator log won't log his actions. Is this is expected?
I'm using the moderator log as a thread history tool, so I would expect it to log the action, but maybe it's not what it meant for.

Jeremy P

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Sounds like you've set moderation permissions on the Admin usergroup instead of using the moderator system. What you really should do is separate them and add any administrators that need moderation powers to the moderators list.

They are meant to be separate, Administrators aren't implicitly Moderators.


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Sure, you can give moderation permissions to the admin usergroup, but you will encounter oddities like OP.
This doesn't make sense. It's like giving somebody a title of a CEO in a company, but restricting him from doing regional manager tasks at the same company.

Chris D

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Actions will only be logged by users who are specifically moderators - that is a user who has been given the role of a moderator (either content or super) from the Admin CP > Users > Moderators screen.

A user can be an administrator without being a moderator and an admin can log into the Admin CP without having any extra abilities on the front end.

Jeremy P

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So why are they administrators?
Administrators manage the backend. Styles, phrases, settings, removing users, etc etc.

Moderators manage the frontend.

They are separate things. If you want your administrators to have moderation power, then what you're really saying is you want them to be both administrators and moderators.


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A mostly unrelated bug report is probably not the ideal place to have a philosophical discussion about the definition of an admin.