Implemented Moderation portal for reported posts

One idea we've been kicking around for years, but never gotten around to implementing was a "moderation portal", where mods could log in, and view an AJAX enabled view of reported posts in forums they moderate. It would enable moderators to quickly see which posts had been looked into by a moderator, and not waste time by looking into an issue that another moderator in that forum had already handled.

Sort of like a trouble ticket system, mods could click through the portal to view a thread in a new tab, and that would flag that reported post's status as "Under investigation" or what have you. If an action was taken in that thread related to the reported post (either by postid, or the status of that thread changing, or infractions being handed out, or whatever), then that reported post's resolution would be logged, and taken out of the moderation queue.

Obviously this is a forum tool that appeals more to larger boards, but I know it's something that my 100+ moderators would love. (I don't dare tell them about the idea, they'd never stop hounding me about not writing it).

What do you guys think? Does this sound like something you'd utilize?


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Yes I think this is a great idea whether you have 1 or 100 moderators. A place where only and all posts in need of moderation in a page viewable by only staff would be ideal.

I think that's pretty much solving the issue.
I need to try this admin panel myself I feel like a blind guy at a shooting gallery :confused:
Ah yes, I missed that thread. I searched for reported posts in this forum and came up with nothing, but didn't think to search the have you seen forum. The description of the functionality does seem to be mostly what I was looking for, although the actual process seems a little convoluted. It would be nice to be able to tag an issue as being resolved from the "Content page". I also didn't see it mentioned if an issue "unlocks" after a period of time if a moderator wanders off while working on an assigned issue.

I know what you mean EQnoble, there's so many hacks and plugins we've written for moderation based duties that I'd suggest, but for all I know they've all been implemented, like this one. :)