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Having a bit of an issue with Reported Posts.

Since switching to Xenforo (almost 2 years)...if a forum member reported a post...Moderators & Admins would receive two methods of the report:

  • One was in the Xenforo "Report Center" (upper left corner of any forum page).
  • A thread created in our "Reported Posts" forum area.

Suddenly within the last week or so the auto-created threads in the "Reported Posts" forum are no longer being created.

After some investigating (according to the the Xenforo manual)...there's a setting in the AdminCP (Setup > Options > User discouragement and discipline > Send reports into forum)...where reported posts can be sent to a specific forum. The downside to this is the Xenforo "Report Center" is disabled (and some reported post tools are no longer available).

The current setting for this on our website...is "none" (reported posts are not sent to a specific forum).

Anyways...as mentioned above. For the past 2 years...reported posts info was working fine for both areas (Xenforo Report Center & auto-generated threads in our "Reported Posts" forum). Suddenly the auto-generated threads in our 'Reported Posts" forum have stopped.

Anyone know how we can get Reported posts info working in both areas simultaneously again (Xenforo Report Center & auto-generated threads in a site forum)?


p.s. Site running on XF 2.1.12.
I'm positive it's not an add-on. Report Center & auto-generated threads were both working for about 18 months...also haven't added or deleted any add-on's for a long time. But suddenly in the last week the auto generated threads for reported posts stopped working.

If the problem can't be found...is there a way to "tell" XF to auto create a thread when a reported post is made by a forum member (without disabling the Report Center)?

XF has never had the ability to simultaneously use the report center and have reports posted in a forum.
I think I figured it out...I believe it was a date related issue.

Would it be possible to get more information where the problem was.
I'm a little bit confused that the most here reported that both is not working at the same time, but on yours it works, right?
i have a question about the thread created with "Send reports into forum" set to ON:

- in our case we have +80 report per day: What kind of performance impact could it be in the forum if the system create 1 thread for 1 reported message? it means +80 thread per day... are very much content for the DB. isn't it?
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