Moderating users not just threads


My moderators are used to the vBulletin moderator experience and they have always moderated the users, check sign up emails/ip's against spam databases, banning users etc and now they can't do any of this.

I installed the frontend ban addon so mods could ban, they really do need more then that though, but they don't need all the powers of an admin. I've read the argument that if I can trust them as mods and want to give them more power then I should be able to trust them as admins not to mess around with the options, but my problem with this is that, instead of having one admin account that could be compromised, there would be multiple accounts that could be compromised giving an attacker full system access instead of a mod access.

I dunno what I'm expecting of this thread, but hopefully some way for mods to view all the user details when they view a users profile and not just the same profile everyone sees, they would see their email, they would have proper banning options etc.