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Duplicate Better Moderating Features - Easing Moderator Duties And Tasks


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My forum has been growing in size, and with the growth we have also come across various issues that sometimes either xenForo seems to lack, or has been implemented in a different way. I apologize if some of these suggestions have already been made. For most of my suggestions, a central "hub" or a Moderator Control Panel is required, so my first suggestion would be to implement a moderator control panel.

Ability to let staff/moderators check new registrations/new members.
Currently, administrators can check for new members via Users -> Search For Users -> Newest Registrations. Global Moderators/Moderators in general cannot do keep an eye on new registrations, may it be to check if all is going fine or just to give a warm welcome, the new member block was also removed in 1.2 (I'm aware, there is an add-on). Not only new registrations, moderators must also be able to search for users based on different criteria in my opinion (global moderators who have this permission to do so).

Ability to let staff/moderators create notices.
Sometimes, threads in "announcement" and "sticky" threads just don't work, making it so that we can give the ability to create notices would be welcome by some forums (but I don't think many forums would require this).

Central warning log
Currently, the only way to view warnings is via the member profile of a warned member. This is sometimes really messy, if a global moderator wants to keep an eye on other junior moderators and their actions, there is no central log for all warnings issued via moderators. This will also help admins keep a check on which member is being warned, what moderator is issuing the warnings, etc.

Ability to let moderators ban, change avatars and change signatures.
This can be achieved via warning actions, but sometimes you get trouble makers that you know are up to no good and require an immediate ban. Moderators at this point (especially global/senior) feel helpless if they need to wait for an Administrator to get online to ban members. Again, this can be achieved via Admin CP, but what is the point of having Moderators and Administrators as two separate beings if moderators also require access to ACP for completing tasks which they should be able to handle without getting in the ACP.

The ACP holds to much power, even with restricted access, you can only give access to staff members you really trust, and thus a ModCP would help. Sometimes, a user has an avatar/signature that is inappropriate or goes against your community rules, even for this your moderators have to depend on someone with ACP access.

Reason why generally I (personally) wouldn't give moderators ACP access:
- Even with a simple thing such as managing users, moderators can manage which groups users are, see their emails, change their passwords, view their ip's etc. Not everyone is tech savvy, maybe a good moderator may make a small mistake and hit "save", who is to blame for giving them too many options?

It's not always about not having "trust", sometimes human error is the biggest problem (especially to people new to it). The ModCP eliminates the need to worry about such things, as it will limit the areas and things a moderator can edit.

Ability to move posts from A thread into existing B thread
While xenForo makes it really easy to merge posts (via selection), and you can select across forums, you can easily move threads, merge threads etc. The biggest pain is when you want to move posts into an existing threads. You have to move posts into their own NEW thread, and then merge with another existing thread you want it to be in. A simple two click process is turned into this, and makes it really annoying when needs to be done on a regular basis.


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Most of these have already been suggested, however, please keep to one suggestion per thread. It helps the developers gauge the interest in each feature.


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Most of these have already been suggested, however, please keep to one suggestion per thread. It helps the developers gauge the interest in each feature.
I know developers gauge interest via likes, but there are some really basic suggestions back from 2010 which haven't yet been implemented even though with loads of likes and topping while searching for most liked in the forum.

Oh well, I shall copy-paste my post content in relevant suggestion threads.