Lack of interest Sequence of moderating actions stored in Macros?

Stuart Wright

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Ok so the spam decimator is a quick way to perform a sequence of actions on a spammer.
Send them an email, ban them, move/delete their posts, check for similar IPs etc.
I've been asked by my moderators whether it would be possible to do something similar (but not ban) for people who have inadvertently spammed (i.e. in error out of naivety rather than deliberately against our rules) and who could potentially become advertisers if pointed in the right direction.
In these cases, we soft delete their posts, if necessary, rename their logins from one containing their commercial name to 'Member nnnnnn' (where nnnnnn is their member ID), if necessary remove their commercial signature, if necessary remove their avatar, and finally send them a standard PM advising them of what's happened and why, asking them to request a login name change, set up a new signature and contact our advertising team if they are interested in advertising.
Then it occurred to me that this kind of thing would be possible if we could set up macros of actions on a member and assign them to quick buttons or links available to the moderators and/or admin. Maybe have some of the actions optional with tickboxes on an intermediate form.
E.g. with a member:
  • soft delete their posts
  • (optional) rename their login name to Member nnnnnn
  • (optional) clear their signature
  • (optional) remove their avatar
  • Start a new conversation with a message of specific predefined text (e.g. suggesting they contact our advertising team)
  • Add a usernote (it's an addon) with specific predefined text explaining what's happened (so that if they spam again we can see that they should be booted).
Silly suggestion? Or are there uses that other people might have with this?