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Hello, requesting the ability to have multiple discouragement modes, and have discouragement listed in the moderator tools menu.

Sometimes there's a user who simply needs to slow down on posting (flood time multiplier), and sometimes there's an infrequent annoying poster who requires a bad site experience (loading delay, redirection, etc.).

Multiple discouragement modes

Each discouragement mode has its own set of loading delay/flood time/search/blank page/redirection attributes.

The default discouragement mode cannot be deleted and also applies to discouraged IPs unless it's a logged-in user with a different discouragement mode.

Discouraged users can only be a part of one single discouragement mode. If a discouragement mode is deleted then those users would become part of the default mode.

The prevent IPs from registering/add user group on ban/send reports into forum attributes would not be part of individual discouragement modes as they are more global attributes.


Add discouragement to moderator tools menu

Applying discouragement to users is a moderator task and should not force a mandatory trip over to the ACP for application. Add discouragement to moderator tools for improved moderator experience, it will show a drop-down single-selector menu (None/Default mode/list of other discouragement modes..)


Thank you for reading & thanks to Xenforo and the community here for a fantastic platform
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