Third party CTRL+Z in the editor reply box removes ALL of your post text (not just the last word/edit)


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Not sure if there's anything XF can do about it or whether there's even a need to (I'm an habitual keyboard shortcut user) - but CTRL+Z [undo] removes ALL of your post text from the editor box and not just the latest word/s.

Presumably this is a TinyMCE issue but since I don't know what controllers exist to tweak this behaviour in the editor (if any) I wondered if there was anything that could be done to stop it removing your entire post (having composed long replies with small edits at the end and had the whole thing wiped out when I've pressed the undo key combo)?

Shaun :D

Luke F

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Pretty sure this has been reported before at least once, and yes it's highly annoying.

Digital Doctor

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Presumably this is a TinyMCE issue
Must be.

I am a keyboard shortcut person as well.

I think your use of control + z is being used out of context.
I would never use control + z as a method of getting rid of one or a few of the latest words.
That would be control + shift + left arrow, left arrow, left arrow. It works in almost every windows situation.