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MMO Tooltips 1.0.6

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rivacom submitted a new resource:

MMO Tooltips - Adds the hover over effect to various MMO DB links.

This addon adds all the known MMO Database site's Tooltip javascript to your forum. In the admin options you can choose which tooltips you would like turned on or off.

Please note that some databases use similar tooltip files, so I had to combine them into the same admin option.

If I am missing a database, or you would like one added just shoot me a message.
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that's fine but, how can we use these database in posts ^^'
In most cases, you just add the url to the post from one of the database sites. Most cases it's a link to a item, armor, weapon, npc or quest.

Are you planning on adding Diablo III or Wasteland 2?
For some reason's javascript doesn't work. However a partial tooltip comes up when the ESO/Destiny tooltip is enabled. I have added Diablo along next to Destiny, ESO option as a Temp solution. Hopefully ZAM will reply to my help thread and I can figure out how to make the work 100%.

What about ArcheAge?
I've added tooltips for , I did not find any other databases out there with tooltips.

See my response above. Partial working tooltip and waiting on ZAM's reply to the javascript issue.


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Jordan, can you enable the addon and some of the tooltips and link me to the forum? also what version of xenforo are you using?
I was able to get it working. Thanks though :)
Was just some out dated templates that I had to merge and the mmo_tooltips template was then working :p