XF 1.5 mixed content - https problem


hey guys

i'm using https for my forum but get an error cause mixed content, the chrome console say:

"Mixed Content: The page at functions.min.js?_v=c08256a4_1.5.8.1:3 Mixed Content: The page at 'https://www.mydomain.org/foren/' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure image 'http://www.mydomain.org/foren/styles/uix/uix/nodeicons.png'. This content should also be served over HTTPS."

i took a look into the functions.min.js but didn't find something where this png is loaded...

anyone could please help?


seems it works now, will report if it change again..

i rebuilt the node icon cache in ui.x options and now it shows me safe connection, no mixed content anymore...



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Hi @plexxy, a link to your forum would be helpful.

Can you confirm the following:

1. In Options > Basic Board Information, does your Board URL have https:// ?

2. Your nodeicon URL looks like it's from the UI.X style.. but the style property should be similar.

Check Style Property Groups > Node Icons > Node Icon: Page and Node Icon: Forum.

It should have @imagePath at the start, maybe you might have customised it here?


3. Finally check your Path to Images for your style, did you customise this before? It should by default be relative. It's in Style Property Groups > General > Settings.
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I'm noticing the mixed content problem too, but it seems to only be on pages that have an attachment uploaded by a member. Any suggestions on where to check those settings? I don't see anything in the main attachment options or looking for attachments in the same types of places in the style like nodes above.


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I think I just fixed it. There was a busted http://tag in their post that I deleted. It shows green https now instead of mixed content warning.IMG tag that I deleted from their post. I get a green https from that page now instead of a mixed content warning.