Lack of interest This option is not needed in mixed content type nodes

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Allow question actions
  • Yes
  • No No voting or solution options will be displayed. This is primarily useful for announcements or sticky threads that aren't directly questions.
  • Paused Voting will not be allowed and a solution cannot be selected, but existing values will be displayed.
Allow question actions Yes/No is not needed in mixed content because you would post a discussion not a question. It's only needed in dedicated Question forums.
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Can you explain why you wouldn't post a question in a mixed content type node.

I get why you wouldn't waht votes on a thread such as "What is your favourite colour" but there might be a mixed content forum about Bob Dylan and someone asks "How many roads must a man walk down, before you call him a man?"
If you don't want the up/down arrows you select Discussion. In dedicated Question forums, you could select no actions. But in mixed, that's the same as Discussion.
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