Implemented Ability to convert thread type on demand (in mixed content nodes)


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I posted a query regarding this here, but it remains unanswered, so I assume this functionality is not currently available or planned. So here is the feature request.

The basic idea is to let admins/mods convert any thread type to another thread type from inside thread view. This applies in mixed content nodes of course.

I have described the issues in the link above but let me try to explain it again. Most of us would be upgrading years' worth of content to 2.2 and most of us would be converting existing nodes to mix content nodes unless the nodes are specifically for queries or suggestions. Without on demand ability to convert thread type, existing content would remain like regular threads.

For instance, we have a node which has a mixture of content including guides, queries, suggestions... Your only option is to convert it to mixed content type and hope that people use the correct thread type in future. And if they don't, you again have no option to fix the thread type. This is assuming that this functionality does not exist already. I have not seen it mentioned so far though I might have missed it.

(PS: One crude hack could be to move the thread to a dedicated content type forum (like articles) and move it back. Not sure if this would retain the new thread type. Also seems like waste of time if this functionality can be offered from thread menu...)

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Right, so the same idea as moving a regular thread with a question to a dedicated question forum, in mixed-content forums, you don't need to move but you still need to convert.

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Should be in forum_view also. Add this capability to all thread edit tools.

I have done the workaround (move thread to question forum so it gets converted, then back again to discussion forum where it stays converted if questions are allowed.

But it's not the most elegant of ways to do it.


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Implemented in XF 2.2 Beta 2:

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