Lack of interest Ability to create new thread or create any new content type from anywhere on the site without having to visit that section first


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Reposting from the XF2 Demo site:

So either a link in the relevant navigation section to create new content for that section of the site, or a globally accessible 'Post new content' button that gives you the ability to confirm what content type before proceeding. ie. a Thread, Resource, Media, Event etc.

Often I'll be in a thread and I want to post a new thread based on something I've just read or feedback I want to submit.

It would be nice if there was access to the 'Post Thread' link from the navigation menu or some kind of a global 'Create Content' / 'Submit Content' button, so you could easily action the creation of a new thread without having to navigate to the forum index first.

Similar to the one currently on the forum index.

Similarly this would be useful for other sections of the site. Creating a new resource, submitting new media.

There's already an 'Add Media' button in the media gallery navigation. Lets make it consistent for all sections of the site where users can submit and create content by either having content creation links in every relevant navigation section or some kind of global content creation button.