Missing piece in the Conversations List table...


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Maybe there's just a setting I need to adjust but couldn't find it...

When I ask for a list of my conversations, it shows me that I am indeed in all of these conversations (no, duh!) but the table does NOT seem to show who the OTHER participants are!

As far as I can tell, I need to click on each conversation to find out who the other participants are.

What am I missing here, or is this one of those last-minute tweaks for 1.1 that would be nice to have in place upon release to us?

Seems like we need that information at a mouseover (still would require some guessing and prowling around) or clearly indicated in the right-hand column of the table. Shouldn't be too much overhead I would think as conversations seem to mostly a rather small number of participants.

For example, in the Replies column of the table, a mouseover of Participants and/or number of participants would give you a list of participant names.